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Our Wines

The magic of Porchvue Winery is in every bottle, having been hand crafted from grapes grown in the finest vineyards of the world. Discover what makes every sip a journey to each grape’s home and allow your palate to enjoy a personal ride to the finest vineyard appellations of the world. So please…Sit * Drink * Relax

Blueberry Mead: @ $21/bottle
Made with blueberry blossom honey and blueberries.  No sugar added.  A sweet honey with a clean finish. Sweetness Indicator = 4

Boysenberry Mead: @ $21/bottle
Made with a blackberry honey an boysenberries.  Medium sweet and rich taste of boysenberry with a nice clean finish. No sugar added. Sweetness Indicator = 4

Blackberry  Mead: @ $21/bottle
Made with blackberry honey and blackberries,  a light medium sweet wine with a nice light clean finish.  No sugar added. Sweetness Indicator = 3

Black Currant Mead: @ $21/bottle
Made with orange blossom honey and black currents.  The mead that most resembles a grape wine. Our black current is aged for a minimum of 1 year. Slightly sweet with a black current taste and a dry finish. Sweetness Indicator = 1

Cherry Red Raspberry Mead: @ $21/bottle
Made with sweet Cherries and red Raspberries.  This is a sweet mead.  If you like something that is sweet with a little tartness to it this is for you. Sweetness Indicator = 3

King’s Mead: @$21/bottle
Pure honey.  In fact pure TUPELO honey.  Nothing else needs to be said.  Some doctors say that because of the pureness of Tupelo honey, it is even safe for diabetics to enjoy.  Sweetness Indicator = 3.

Queen’s Mead: @$21/bottle
A queenly blend of many fruits, all extra sweetness provided by the the famous TUPELO honey of  Elvis and Jim Morrison fame.  Sweetness Indicator = 3.

Peach Mango Mead: @ $21/bottle (SOLD OUT – NEW BATCH IN PROCESS)
Made with Oregon peaches and orange blossom honey, adding then the richness of MANGO.  This lovely combinations works for the dry to sweet palate, somehow tricks you into thinking you are drinking a peach mimosa! Sweetness Indicator = 5

Pear Mead: @ $21/bottle
We had many requests for Pear and this Mead is very Peary!! Sweetness Indicator = 3

Strawberry Kiwi: @ $21/bottle
Strong Kiwi taste with a sweet strawberry finish. Sweetness Indicator = 5

Strawberry Passion Fruit Mead: @ $21/bottle
Just like a sip of summer sunshine.  Has a way of tasting both sweet and sexy! Sweetness Indicator = 5

Pineapple: @ $21/bottle
When Pat told Eileen he told he was making a Pineapple Mead, she told him he was crazy. Once again, Pat is right. Quickly becoming a tasting room favorite. Just a touch of Pineapple with honey. Sweetness Indicator = 3

Pineapple-Cranberry: @ $21/bottle
Flying off the shelves – a unique smooth white mead where the pineapple and is rounded by the crisp cranberry.

Elderberry: @ $21/bottle
High in antioxidants! Excellent for calming inflammation. A perfect mead for drinking “guilt free!” Sweetness Indicator = 3

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