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Red Wines

The magic of Porchvue Winery is in every bottle, having been hand crafted from grapes grown in the finest vineyards of the world. Discover what makes every sip a journey to each grape’s homoe and allow your palate to enjoy a personal ride to the finest vineyard appellations of the world. So please…Sit * Drink * Relax


(2015 CA) Cabernet Franc: @ $20/bottle SOLD OUT
Lighter style than the better known Cabernet Sauvignon.  Franc has a deep red color with aromas of chocolate and ripe cherries, smoke and roasted coffee bean.  Good sipping wine, but also accompanies red meats well.

(2015 CA) Cabernet Sauvignon: @ $20/bottle
(2017 CH) Cabernet Sauvignon @ $19/bottle
(2017 CA) Cabernet Sauvignon @ $19/bottle
The big daddy, full body with dark fruit flavors including blackberry, dark cherry, black currant adding a dash of pepper and ginger.  Serve with blue cheese, grilled steak lamb, but don’t shrink from the idea of a glass of cab with your favorite burger or Mexican dish.

(2017 CH) Mountain Man Cabernet @ $21/bottle
Smooooooth. Aged in Wiggle Whiskey bourbon barrel. Selling very quickly!!

(2017 CH) Carmenere: @ $19/bottle
Caremenere is to Chili as Malbec is to Argentina! Matching Carmenere with wine and food pairings is easy. Carmenere naturally matches well with smoked, grilled or roasted meats, chicken, pork, lamb, beef and veal. Due to its character, it also holds up with and matches perfectly with some spicy dishes and strong, hard cheeses.

(2017 IT) Dolcetto: @ $19/bottle
Dolcetto wines are known for black cherry and licorice with some prune flavors. It is considered a light easy drinking red wine that pairs well with pastas and pizza dishes.

(2015 CA) Double Play: @ $20/bottle
(2018 IT) Double Play: @ $18/bottle

This is a chianti wine.  Dry, medium body.  Blend includes Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon.  Notes are sour cherry, orange peel, licorice, spice and plum jam.  Serve with Italian for sure.

(2015 CA) Four Play: @ $20/bottle SOLD OUT
(2018 CH)
Four Play: @ $18/bottle
Full body dry wine, in Italy would be called a Super Tuscan, due to the blending of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah equally.  This wonderful combo holds notes from all including blackberry jam, spice, sour cherry, smoke.  Serve with Italian tomato dishes, sausages and of course pizza!

(2015 CA) Hunters Blend: @ $20/bottle SOLD OUT
(2017 CA) Hunters Blend: @$19/bottle
A wonderful token to my years in the woods…heavy rich body blend of Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.  This complex blend has hints of plums, blackberries, dark cherries and dark chocolate with a slight smoke and spice after note.  Use to warm the fingers and toes when returning home.  Feel free to add any warm and meaty product to fill the belly.

(2018 CH) Malbec: @ $18/bottle
Well developed wine from South America known for its plump, dark fruit flavor with a smooth finish. Due to malbec’s thick skins, it is a wine renown for its high antioxidant content.

(2015 CA) Merlot: @ $20/bottle
(2017 CH) Merlot: @ $18/bottle
Softer than a Cabernet Sauvignon, but still a full body dry wine.  Holds hints of mulberry, cherry strawberry, raspberry, vanilla and some smoky spiciness. Accompanies chicken, turkey, duck, full flavor cheeses, lamb, game, red meats and even spicy Mexican foods.

(2017 IT) Montepulciano: @ $18/bottle SOLD OUT
2018 IT) Montepulciano: @ $18/bottle (coming summer 2020)
This is deeply colored wine with pepper and spice notes. It can be described as “rustic” but with low acidity. Pairs well with lamb and grilled meats.  Has rapidly been renamed “the Big M” by it’s many fans.

(2015 CA) Syrah: @ $20/bottle SOLD OUT
Dry, full body.  Holds notes of blackberry, black raspberry, pepper, cinnamon and plum.  Great partner to hard cheese, barbecue, game meats, sausages and Mexican food.

(2015 CA) Zinfandel: @ $20/bottle (SOLD OUT)
Dry, full body wine.  Notes of blackberry jam, raisins and plums.  Holds its own with barbeque meat, serve with any mouthwatering meat product…even your favorite hefty hamburger!

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