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White Wines

The magic of Porchvue Winery is in every bottle, having been hand crafted from grapes grown in the finest vineyards of the world. Discover what makes every sip a journey to each grape’s homoe and allow your palate to enjoy a personal ride to the finest vineyard appellations of the world. So please…Sit * Drink * Relax


(2015 CA) Chardonnay: @ $20/bottle
(2017 CH) Chardonnay: @$19/bottle
(2017 CA) Chardonnay@ $19/bottle

Full body, dry.  Hints of apples, pears, apricots and a slight minerality.  Typically served with baked chicken, seafood, especially if accompanied with butter or cream sauces.  Also works well with grilled seafood and pork.

(2018 CH) Gewurztraminer: @$18/bottle
Medium body, semi-dry wine.  Strong fruit in first sip, nice dry finish. Notes of grapefruit, guava and ginger.  Serve with ham, Indian foods, smoked cheeses and meats, Mexican food.

(2017 CA) Moscato: @ $19/bottle
(2017 CH) Moscato: @ $19/bottle

Medium bodied, semi-dry wine.  Hints of citrus as well as peach and nectarine. Serve with fruit, fruity desserts, ice-cream cookies and cakes.  Our Porchvue version is NOT sugar sweet, …just the right amount of sweetness to accent the fruity flavors.

(2017 IT) Pinot Grigio: @ $19/bottle
Pinot Grigio is fresh, fruity and crisp with mouth-filling citrus, fresh pear and apple flavors. It is an excellent accompaniment to all kinds of seafood and salads. Very refreshing and with a long, clean finish.  Pat’s mom’s FAVORITE.  Our clever winemaker keeps all the women in his life happy!

(2018 CH) Reisling: @$18/bottle
Reisling is so crisp, with a nice touch of fruit.  Porchvue’s version is semi-sweet, and so, so light.  Lovely early day wine you can drink without guilt!

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