Sit. Drink. Relax.

The Origins Of Porchvue Winery


The Beginnings

While living in California, Eileen had developed a love for wines (especially dry RED’s). After returning to PA was frustrated trying to find a Pennsylvania wine that met her expectations of body and complexity. So Pat, Eileen’s husband, did what any good husband would do, learn about wine through the guiding eyes of lifetime winemakers, devouring countless books on the subject, attending winemaking conferences while jumping off onto his own. All to make his wife happy.


The Finest Grapes

Through his devotion to his wife and his passion to create, Pat realized that all paths led to the same answer: there is NO substitute for the age old, one step at a time, winemaking processes, using only the best of ingredients that include grapes and juice from California, Italy, and Chile. Then taking time and patience to match those flavors with the perfect yeast then blending and aging to bring out the best in each grape.


The Finest Honey

Using the traditions of good wine making, Pat began to tackle a new project. Working with high end honey, fresh fruit, and yeast ONLY, he began producing the most delectable meads. One must taste a mead created by Pat to truly understand how smooth and palate pleasing they can be.


Patience and Process

Porchvue Wines evolved with Pat and Eileen’s love of the process of making wine, the process of bottling with friends, and the process of sampling, sampling and more sampling!! The last piece of the puzzle was found as they sat on their front porch, enjoying their landscape and human and animal neighbors: There is no substitute for a relaxing moment of sitting in a comfortable porch chair and enjoying a fine glass of your own hand made and bottled wine. Pure perfection.

So please, join us from your home as you SIT. DRINK. RELAX. with a bottle of Porchvue Wine and sip your way to a bit of heaven.

Thankful for your support,
Pat and Eileen